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Legacy Letters Journal is available Locally at Abalabix Books in Crystal Lake, Illinois. 

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Legacy Letters Guided Journals are available on Amazon, in hard and soft cover, and are also available in Spanish. 

Our legacy continues long after we’re gone…

We make the memories, take the photographs, and tell the stories to always remember life’s most beautiful moments…

but what if we could capture our thoughts, advice, and words of encouragement too?

How much could you have benefited from this while grieving a loved one?

How therapeutic would it be to know your words will still reach those you love most long after you leave?

The circle of life will touch us all…

Leave your legacy.  Leave love for those who remain.


No Legacy Lost, in soft cover, is available on Amazon.

Our memories become priceless when we can't make more with someone we love....

We worry we will forget things about them that proved their existence in our lives.

We worry that our children and the next generation will fail to know the people who occupy the most space in our hearts.

Signaling to the deepest parts of our core memories will allow us to write down all the things we love about those who have died, to keep them close, or to share them with others.

A person may die, but the love will not.

Ensure the chain of love is never broken with No Legacy Lost.

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