About Kera

Hi, I'm Kera! 

I'm excited to share my passion project with you. 

I am a Spanish teacher in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and as much as I love my career, I wondered if I was following my highest path after my mom suddenly passed away in 2022. 

My grief journey has taken me through a lot, where I've learned valuable lessons and gained insights that I feel honored to share with you.

An important lesson grief has taught me,  is that life and death happen to everyone, ready or not. While I don't have plans to leave this earth anytime soon, I couldn't help but think of my children and husband while processing this void. I would hate to leave them to feel the way I feel now, lost and searching for more.

I've had many occasions, good and bad, celebratory and frustrating, where my first impulse was to dial my mom. If only there were something I could hold on to in that time of need. Something I could open to bring my mom back to life.

That's when Legacy Letters was born. With my experience from teaching, my creative impulses were hard to control and I wrote these prompts in two weeks. 

While it's too late for my mom to fill these pages with advice, memories, and letters of love, it's not too late for me to leave Legacy Letters to my own, hopefully providing them a sense of relief and a ticket for a journey back in time where they could still hear the words of someone they love.

What I love most about Legacy Letters is the permission to life live after loss. I believe that this is something everyone should leave behind for the ones they love. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I'm excited to share these journal prompts with you!