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Hi, I'm Kera! 

When my mom unexpectedly died on vacation in Italy at the age of 57, I was completely devastated. I was 5 days postpartum, with a baby in the NICU, and a toddler at home, when I learned I needed to plan her untimely celebration of life. It was a nightmare come true.

I never expected to have to say goodbye so soon, and in the months that followed, I leaned heavily into my grief and realized my creative brain had the power to heal. 

As a High School Spanish teacher, I've cultivated this creativity and skill set since 2011, so it was easy to pivot into creating items, tools, and content that gave my grief purpose and meaning. 

Since then, I have created two guided journals, "Legacy Letters Guided Journals", and "No Legacy Lost Guided Journals", as well as an online community of grievers on Instagram. (@legacylettersjournal) 

I have also interviewed and been inspired by so many other grievers in the community, and I know those voices deserve to be heard, amplified, and celebrated. In early 2024, Get Griefy Magazine will launch, as an opportunity to provide an outlet for those in the grief community to submit their poetry, narratives, opinion pieces, blog posts, photography, art, and more. I also hope to interview and feature prominent members of the grief community and highlight their expertise. 

Grief hurts. We would give anything to have our people back, but since we can't change what we cannot change, let's take these lemons and make one hell of a cocktail, just like my mom would want me to. 

Grief sucks. 

There's nothing we can do about it, but evolve and shake up a cocktail.